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5 Signs of Hidden Damage After a Car Accident

Each year in the US, there are more than 5 million car accidents. While visible damage is often apparent after a collision, hidden issues can pose a threat to the safety of the driver and the long-term health of the vehicle. Let’s take a close look at five signs of hidden damage that can occur after a car accident. We want to make sure you are safe out there on the road. 

1. Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks are often a telltale sign that your vehicle requires immediate attention. After an accident, check for any unusual puddles beneath your car or truck. Leaking fluids, such as oil, coolant, or brake fluid, can indicate issues with critical systems. Ignoring fluid leaks may result in engine failure, overheating, or brake malfunctions, and you certainly don’t want that. 

2. Unexplained Vibrations or Noises

One of the earliest, and easiest to recognize, signs of hidden damage after an accident is an unexplained vibration or noise while driving. Even a minor collision can misalign various components of the vehicle, which can lead to issues such as bent axles or damaged wheel bearings. If you notice unusual vibrations or hear strange noises, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected by a professional promptly. You don’t want to ignore these symptoms because they could result in further damage and compromise your safety on the road.

3. Alignment Issues

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to throw your car’s alignment out of whack, and a minor crash will do that. It can result in uneven tire wear, steering wheel vibration, or pulling to one side while driving. While these pesky symptoms may not seem like much, they can indicate that there is underlying damage to the suspension or steering components. You want to make sure to get your vehicle checked out because alignment issues affect your vehicle’s performance and can possibly increases the risk of an accident. A professional alignment check can identify and address any hidden damage.

4. Electrical System Malfunctions

Car accidents can wreak havoc on the electrical systems of modern vehicles, and your check engine light may come on after a fender bender. Issues such as flickering lights, non-responsive sensors, or problems with the central computer can indicate underlying electrical damage. These problems may compromise the safety features of your vehicle, such as airbags or anti-lock brakes. Seeking the expertise of a qualified technician to conduct a thorough electrical system inspection is important in identifying and rectifying hidden damage.

5. Delayed Mechanical Issues

Sometimes, the consequences of a car accident may not surface immediately, and problems can manifest in the form of delayed mechanical issues. Components that initially appear unscathed may deteriorate over time, leading to more extensive and costly repairs down the line. Regular post-accident check-ups, even months after the incident, can uncover latent problems and allow for timely intervention, preventing potential breakdowns and ensuring the longevity of your vehicle.

While the visible aftermath of a car accident captures immediate attention, hidden damage also poses a risk to safety and the longevity of your car or truck. Investing in thorough post-accident inspections can save you from unforeseen consequences in the long run. If you recently had an accident or need collision repair services of any kind, please get in touch with us