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Auto Frame Straightening: What It Is and When You Need It

According to OSHA, every five seconds there is a car crash in the US. That’s a sobering statistic! Some collisions with severe impact can cause structural damage to your car or truck. When this happens, you’ll need to restore your vehicle’s structural integrity by auto frame straightening. Let’s take a look at what auto frame straightening entails and when you might need it.

What Is Auto Frame Straightening?

Auto frame straightening, also known as frame repair or alignment, is a process designed to restore a vehicle’s frame to its original specifications after it has been damaged in an accident or collision. The frame of a car or truck serves as its structural backbone, providing support and stability for the entire vehicle. When the frame is compromised, it can affect safety, performance, and structural integrity.

The Process

The auto frame straightening process involves using specialized equipment and techniques to carefully manipulate the vehicle’s frame back into its proper alignment. It typically begins with an assessment of the damage to determine the extent of the misalignment. Advanced measuring systems are then used to pinpoint the precise areas that require adjustment.

Once the damaged areas have been identified, hydraulic equipment is employed to apply controlled force to bend and reshape the frame back to its original form. Skilled technicians meticulously monitor the process to make sure that the frame is straightened accurately and within the manufacturer’s specifications.

When Do You Need It?

Auto frame straightening is necessary whenever a vehicle’s frame has sustained significant damage due to a collision or accident. It’s something you don’t want to delay

Common scenarios that may require frame straightening include:

Major Collisions: High-impact collisions, such as those involving multiple vehicles or high speeds, can cause severe damage to the vehicle’s frame. Even if the exterior damage appears minor, underlying structural issues may still be present.

T-Bone Collisions: Side-impact collisions, also known as T-bone collisions, can cause the vehicle’s frame to bend or twist, compromising its structural integrity. Frame straightening is often necessary to restore the frame to its original shape and ensure the vehicle’s safety.

Rollover Accidents: Cars and trucks involved in rollover accidents are particularly susceptible to frame damage. The force of the impact combined with the weight of the vehicle can cause significant deformation of the frame, necessitating extensive repairs.

Structural Misalignment: Over time, wear and tear or improper maintenance can lead to gradual misalignment of the vehicle’s frame. This can manifest as uneven tire wear, steering issues, or unusual vibrations while driving. In such cases, frame straightening can correct the misalignment and restore the vehicle’s performance and safety.

Auto frame straightening is a critical procedure for restoring a vehicle’s structural integrity and ensuring its safety on the road. Whether your car or truck has been involved in a major collision or is exhibiting signs of frame misalignment, seeking professional frame straightening services is important. By addressing frame damage promptly, you can help maintain the safety, performance, and value of your vehicle for years to come. If you recently had an accident or need collision repair services of any kind, please get in touch with us.