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8 Tips to Protect Your Car from Hail

Last year, Missouri ranked #4 when it came to US states with the largest number of hail events (we had 400 events). But no matter where you live, protecting your car from hail is important in order to avoid costly repairs. Here are ten effective tips to safeguard your vehicle from hail damage.

1. Use a Car Cover Designed to Protect from Hail

Investing in a high-quality, padded car cover can be a lifesaver during hailstorms. These covers are specifically designed to absorb the impact of hailstones, preventing dents and scratches. We can’t stress enough to do your research though as some covers don’t provide enough padding, thereby allowing hail to make dents and damage your car.

2. Use Blankets 

Blankets are always a good idea if you know a storm is coming. You can use blankets with or without a car cover. Place the blankets in such a way as to protect your windshield, roof, and windows. For the windshield and hood, you can use your windshield wipers to secure some of the blankets. Bungee cords or twine can also do the trick as you don’t want them to blow off the car during a storm.  

3. Park in a Garage

If possible, park your car in a garage or covered parking area. We know this isn’t possible for everyone, but if you own or rent a house with a garage, make space to park. If you rent and have access to carport space, of course, utilize that when possible. 

4. Seek Shelter If Driving

If you’re driving when a hailstorm starts, look for nearby shelters such as parking garages, gas stations with awnings, or large buildings that can shield your car. Avoid pulling over under trees, as they may lose branches during the storm.

5. Install Hail Protection Film

Consider installing a hail protection film on your car’s windows. This film acts as a barrier, reducing the likelihood of your windows shattering upon impact. It’s a small investment that can save you from extensive damage. If you do suffer through a storm, we know it’s a bummer to have to bring in your car for repair, but sometimes of course it’s inevitable and for the best

6. Monitor Weather Reports

Stay informed about weather conditions, especially during hail season. There are various weather apps or websites where you can get real-time updates and alerts. This is one of the best preventative measures as it can allow you time to prepare your car for the storm.  

7. Park Near a Building

When parking outdoors, try to position your car close to a building on the side where the wind is coming from. Buildings can act as a barrier, reducing the amount of hail that reaches your car.

8. Consider Comprehensive Insurance

Make sure your car insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage that protects against hail damage. So if your car does incur some damage, the policy will help cover repair costs, reducing the financial burden on you.

Hailstorms can strike with little warning, but by following these tips, you can reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle. Preparation and quick action are key to keeping your car safe from hail. If your vehicle recently suffered hail damage, we can help, so please get in touch.